Abstract Vibes

Group art exhibit combined with in-residence artists' open studios.



Sat. 29th June from 3pm to 7pm.


Where: JoMar Visions Studios: 5249 Langfield Rd., Houston TX, 77040  

832 474 3116

What: Group art exhibit combined with in-residence artists' open studios.
Cost: Free

This time we are embracing abstract art. Free and moving, artists will be showcasing their best abstract works during this special event at JoMar Visions. 

There will be a kids room for them to create their paintings and drawings, and besides the amazing art by guest artists like you, this event will also be in conjunction with our in-residence artists open studios.


Once again we will have Saint Arnold Brewery sponsoring our event. Say what? Yep... they are awesome and so is their beer and cider. 


- Best Local Fine Art
- Free & Open to the public
- Plenty of on site Parking
- Free Saint Arnold beer for all guests and participants.
- Drinks served by  AR Bartending Service.

Featured Artists:



Barbara Erceg
Chasity Redeo
Erin Rhodes
Felipe Esparza
Hope Goodson
Kathryne Lieser
Laszlo Perlaky
Lexi Nemeth
Lucian Richards
Magda Knop
Martha Williams
Michael Vollmer
Orawin Rungsinan
Steve Martinez
Treena Rowan

And More... 




Tatiana Colar- Studio 4

Tabs Vacilio- Studio 4

Ciro Flores- Studio 10 

Meosha Jacobs- Studio 11

Jesse Casas- Studio 13A

Traevon Calligan- Studio 13A

Jenna Jacobs- Studio 14

Chelsea Beech Williams- Studio 15

Mark Roden- Studio 16

Joana Esteves- Studio 16

Diedra Lizcano- Studio 17


"Golden Levitation" by Joana Esteves, in-residence artist, Studio 16.

24" x 24" including frame.

Acrylic on canvas

$460     Available!     Contact the gallery if interested!

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