"Always and Never"

Solo show featuring artworks by Tavena Mejdouli



Saturday 31st of August from 6-10pm.

Where: JoMar Visions Studios: 5249 Langfield Rd., Houston TX, 77040  

832 474 3116

What: Fine art exhibit.
Cost: Free

Save the date for an amazing exhibit. On the 31st of August, 6-10pm at JoMar Visions, we are honored to host Tavena Mejdouli's premiere solo show "Always and Never". This will be a breathtaking experience.

Mejdouli's artwork reflects the complex emotions and familiar experiences as a woman. Each painting demonstrates the different crisis in the eyes of a woman with mental illness, such as grief, fear, loneliness, isolation, breakdowns, “baby blues, ” and hopelessness.

Mejdouli's themes are inspired by her experiences as a woman in today’s society. These include injustice, violence, and even exertions of being a woman. These common experiences can be traumatic, such as domestic violence, postpartum depression, sexual harassment and molestation. Even more, the modern woman lives through the sacrifices of being a working mother, the criticisms of society on how to act, feel, dress, or think to be a woman, and the fears of being individual —or simply walking out late at night. These pressures of becoming the perfect modern woman according to an outdated ideal are coming to light in this century, a changing moment in how history is going to record the Woman’s story. Through these works, the artist proudly becomes part of that voice telling a story.

Depicting the struggles of woman is to not undermine or show as weak, but to emphasize our strength.

- Exquisite fine art by Tavena Mejdouli.
- Free & Open to the public
- Plenty of on site Parking
- Complimentary Hors d'Oeuvres

- Drinks served by  AR Bartending Service.



Tavena Mejdouli was born and raised in Northwest part of the city of Chicago. She was the daughter of Gustavo Longoria, a Hispanic fine artist serving in the city through the 80s and 90s, who became a great influence on how art became an integral part of her life. Since a child, she would watch him paint in his studio. At ten years old, his death marked when she started drawing. In the 7th grade, Brentano Elementary awarded her a scholarship for a figure drawing course at the Art Institute of Chicago.

In high school she continued her drawing and painting studies until she first attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for illustration courses and later at the Academy of Art University for her BFA.

"In this exhibit, each of these depicted experiences have made me plummet into a place of darkness in multiple periods in my life. I think there are more people that can relate to a state of unhappiness, or even madness, than we think. Mental illness is on the rise. There are studies that prove that anxiety and depression rates are markedly higher than they were in earlier eras. “Always” and “Never” are frequent words commonly used be people when a negative outlook, or even depression. These words are definite in their nature and can deplete hope when used incorrectly. Strangely, such a mindset and words are not unknown to me. As modern woman, the pressures of society and media constantly condition me, us, into a person we are not. Obviously, we know who we are and my work is just that response."

In history, art is used to record how we as humans express our response to our current era. Likewise, it’s important that today’s art should reflect our era since mostly only male artists are recognized in books. In an attempt to rewrite women in history, Mejdouli uses motifs and ideas that are known in art history to create a current adaption. In medium, I integrate contemporary painting techniques, pour painting and the use of conventional painting tools, with the traditional, oil paints and gold gilding.

Depicting the struggles of woman is to not undermine or show as weak, but to emphasize their strength.

Tavena has left high school teaching art to become a full-time artist.

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