Shades of Life

Curated by Fabrice Plantard

Group exhibit and live music by Erica Nicole



Saturday 16th of December from 3pm to 7pm.

Where: JoMar Visions Studios: 5247 Langfield Rd., Houston TX, 77040  

832 474 3116

What: Art exhibit. Live music. 
Cost: Free


Life, like colors, has different shades. From the lightest to the darkest, these shades symbolize our paths that we encounter during our time on Earth, filled with learning experiences and full of emotions. Life is also a celebration of those different shades that we can all transcribe on our ultimate canvas of life—using all the endless variation of color to make it a masterpiece.


We invite you on this joyous time of the year to join us for a wonderful way to end 2017.   Discover the latest work of our resident artists, and enjoy special creations made to celebrate our different shades of life.


There will be live music, bites and drinks, this event is in conjunction with JoMar Visions Third Saturday open Studios and everyone is invited! Start your Holliday season shopping by supporting our artists. There is something for everyone.


- Best Local Fine Art 

- Live music by Erica Nicole

- Free & Open to the public
- Plenty of on site Parking
- Complimentary Hors d'Oeuvres

- Drinks served by  AR Bartending Service.



Bob Shepherd
Chris Minameyer
Dee Franklin
Eric Geiger
Fabrice Plantard
Gretchen McDaniel
Jen Cochran
Joana Esteves
Laura Bourdo
Loveleen Saxena
Marcela Garcia Bonini
Marie Casamayor-Harvey
Mark Roden
Reese Lynch
Rodney Butler
Tamar Tcholakian

...And more...





Crystal Lallego- Studio 1
Larry Parks- Studio 2
Marguerite Baldwin- Studio 4
Marie Casamayor-Harvey- Studio 5
Eduardo Martinez- Studio 6
Yhasmin Martinez- Studio 6
Aaron Simpson- Studio 7
Fabrice Plantard- Studio 8
Adrienne Rawlings- Studio 9
Julia Misley- Studio 10
Dezmon Williams- Studio 11
Gretchen McDaniel- Studio 12
Stephanie Pitts- Studio 13
Joe Lee- Studio 14
Angela Hoang- Studio 15
Gregg Optekamp- Studio 16
Solomon Akande- Studio 18
Felipe Esparza- Studio 19
Vanja Fetahagic- Studio 20
Nico Whittaker- Studio 21
Mark Roden- Studio 25-A
Chris Minameyer- Studio 25-B

"The Girl in the Mirror" by Fabrice Plantard, JoMar Visions in-residence artist, Studio 8.


Mixed Media on canvas.


Available!     Contact the gallery if interested!

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