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JoMar Visions hosts a variety of workshops with topics including painting, drawing, photography, the business of art, dance, music, singing, acting and more.  


You can sign up and participate in an upcoming workshop, or if you are an instructor, you can send us a workshop proposal to


See below our list of future workshops and sign up to your favorites! If a date is still to be announced, please do register so when there are enogh students we can can set up a date with everyone and the instructor.


All students will receive a certificate after the completion of each workshop.




Note: Any class or workshop is subject to be postponed or even cancelled if the minimum of students required is not met.  

Refunds are only possible if students give one week notice and whenever the workshops are cancelled by JoMar Visions for whatever reason.

Acrylic Painting                                      

Still Life Painting For Teens & Adults                 

Register (17 places left)


Instructor:          Ekaterina Drobovolskaya

Date & time:      To be announced

Cost:                  $55


Students will be guided through the completion of an acrylic painting on canvas. this workshop is open to all levels of experience. 


You will learn:

  • Seeing like an artist.

  • Observe relationships of color, value, shape.

  • Proper use of materials to aquire the desired look.


All materials will be provided.

Business Skills                                      

Coming Soon!

Clay Sculpture  

Coming Soon!


Live Nude Drawing              

Register (17 places left)


Instructor:          Vincent Fink

Date & time:      To be announced

Cost:                  $59 (All the materials and model will be provided.)


Ever wondered how to effectively sketch a human figure? Are you an artist looking for some quality learning time with a live nude professional model and an instructor that actually guides you into knowing how and where to look to achieve the best results? This is the workshop you were waiting for. For beginners or advanced sketchers alike, make sure to reserve your place. 


Workshop goals:

  • Brief approach on drawing shapes, and how they relate to the human figure. Core elements of basic anatomy.

  • Focus on proportion, weight, and line value.

  • Several pose sketches and a final render of the model in her environment.


All materials will be provided.


Bead It!           

Register (20 places left)


Instructor:          Treena Rowan

Date & time:      To be announced

Cost:                  $65 (All materials will be provided.)


Polymer clay is a versatile medium, used for art and for crafts in general. Our purpose will be to create beautiful polyclay beads. After the beads are made, they will be used to make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

Our first class will include the cane method of making polyclay beads; baking them in a small oven; and glazing the beads to ready them for your beading designs. The waxed linen cord will be used for stringing, for creating macramé enhancements, and for developing methods of connecting your beads.


All materials will be provided.

Mixed Media                                     

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Mixed Media                                     

Oil Painting                                     

Coming Soon!


Photography: The Basics & Beyond                  

Register (17 places left)


Instructor:          Ross McEathron

Date & time:      To be announced

Cost:                  $49



Workshop goals Have you been using your DSLR for some time now and feel like you're just not getting its full potential? If so, then this is the perfectclass for you! We will cover how to take control of your ISO, F-Stops and Shutter Speeds and how to use all of these to your advantage. You will also learn how these will work against you if you don't take control of them.


What you need to bring:
-Your camera and its manual if possible.
-A notebook if you wish.
-Your own snack and a drink.

Some of the many things we will cover are: 
-Get your camera out of program mode
-Improve the visual impact of your images
-Learn all about RAW and why you should ALWAYS shoot in RAW
-Histograms, what are they and why should you care about them
-Lenses, which ones to use for each situation
-Controlling Depth of Field and what the heck is Hyperfocal Distance anyway
-What types of lighting are best
-How to handle backlighting
-What type of White Balance should I use?
-Using your flash to improve your outdoor images
-Using reflectors for fill light and how they can even subtract light when you want
-The types of filters everyone should have in their bag
-Using Auto Exposure Bracketing

We're going to cover all of this in great detail plus much, much more. We'll also answer any specific questions that you may have. There will be handouts in the class covering all sorts of topics and website addresses so you don't have to remember everything but you may want to bring something along to write on anyway. We will cover a lot of ground in this class so come hungry to learn!

Miksang Contemplative Photography                  

Register (16 places left)


Instructor:          Denise Bossarte

Date & time:      To be announced

Cost:                  $195   ($48.75 each class- 4 classes)



Workshop goals – The Miksang Contemplative Photography workshop is open to novice and experienced photographers. It is a workshop for professional artists, amateur artists, artists at heart, or the curious wanting to explore the visual richness of their world.

In Miksang, we are working to “re-image” the way that you think, talk about, and practice photography.


In this workshop you will learn and experience:

-The five elements to become a better photographer

-Creativity and inspiration

-Expanding your awareness

-Looking at your world in a new way-Being mindful of the present moment without judging, reflecting, or thinking

-Discovering and capturing the ordinary magic of the world


Students will need a digital camera for the workshop. A laptop computer for downloading photos is optional.




o   Week 1

§  Introduction to Miksang Contemplative Photography

§  “Flash of Perception Exercise”

§  “Color” introduction

§  “Color” group shoot and group review

§  “Color” homework

o   Week 2

§  “Surface” introduction

§  “Surface” group shoot

§  “Color” and “Surface” group review

§  “Surface” homework

o   Week 3

§  “”Light” introduction

§  “Light” group shoot

§  “Surface” and “Light” group review

§  “Light” homework

o   Week 4

§  “Space” and “Dot and Space” introduction

§  “Space” and “Dot and Space” group shoot

§  “Light” and “Space” & “Dot and Space” group review

§  Wrap up


  • Includes introduction to the topic with instructions, time for taking photographs as a group, and image reviews by the teacher in the group setting

  • Includes take home assignments to be brought in for review the next session

Coming Soon!


Printing Processes                            

Coming Soon!

Stenciling, paper cutting and paper folding                                     

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


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