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All Things Erotic

What an AMAZING Opening for "All Things Erotic" 2012. It was great to see so many people having so much fun and hear several of them coming to us saying this was the best art event they've EVER been at! Seriously! That is the best thing we can hear after we put so much effort in making things happen. THANK YOU so much from the bottom of our hearts. 

The Tuesday night Valentines' program was equaly amazing. 14 couples had a table where they appreciated an amazing aphrodisiac meal catered by the amazing local chef Will, while enjoying the erotic performances. "All things Erotic 2012" couldn't have been better. What a great vibe during the event! 

We wanna thank the featured artists for the beautiful erotic art, the painted models that helped serve, Will Springfield chef that helped us with the food, the performance artists from Luna Tango Productions, the performance girls from Sexy Stilettos with Lakita Denise, and Kim and Rob from Tantric Hearts for the inspiring and sensual introductions to tantra. A M A Z I N G !! 

Oh and congratulations for the total of 5 pieces sold and the respective artists. 


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