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Artist Representation

20130420- JMV Spring Group Show 2013 - 107.jpg
20141220- AAW Showcase 2014-063.jpg
20141123- ArtCrawl 2014-070.jpg
20150117- Fresh & New-053.jpg
20150117- Fresh & New-001.jpg
20141220- AAW Showcase 2014-002.jpg
20141122- ArtCrawl 2014-057.jpg
20141122- ArtCrawl 2014-037.jpg
20141122- ArtCrawl 2014-039.jpg
20140926- Tribulation-096.jpg
20130216- From Houston With Love-358.jpg
20130216- From Houston With Love-426.jpg
20130216- From Houston With Love-382.jpg
20130420- JMV Spring Group Show 2013 - 052.jpg
20130216- From Houston With Love-152.jpg
20130216- From Houston With Love-349.jpg
20130216- From Houston With Love-378.jpg
20140926- Tribulation-105.jpg
20130216- From Houston With Love-383.jpg
20130420- JMV Spring Group Show 2013 - 134.jpg
20130216- From Houston With Love-238.jpg
20130420- JMV Spring Group Show 2013 - 135.jpg
20150117- Fresh & New-006.jpg
20130420- JMV Spring Group Show 2013 - 109.jpg
20130420- JMV Spring Group Show 2013 - 078.jpg
20130420- JMV Spring Group Show 2013 - 047.jpg
20130420- JMV Spring Group Show 2013 - 026.jpg

"We are excited to continue our passion in providing more opportunities to local artists and beautiful art to our loyal art patrons."

JoMar Visions represents artists in a variety of ways, from solo and group exhibits as well as one on one advice to clients consulting us and looking for existing pieces or commissions for their home or office.


We are now looking for artists to be members of our new beautiful gallery. If you are an artist and would like to be considered for representation at JoMar Visions Gallery please fill out the application form.



- Gallery representation (receptions, art consulting clients, outside exhibit opportunities).

- Interview, photo shoot and feature in the annual JMV Magazine.

- 5 free copies of JMV annual magazine.

- Online profile and store page at the JoMar Visions website.

- Gallery open 1 day a week plus booked event receptions.

- Minimum 2 event receptions per month and art workshops.

- Development of individual goal setting, artist “voice”, marketing and cross promotion skills.

- Artist solo show.

- Optional video production prior to artist solo show at a reduced fee.

- Free photography coverage during events including solo show.

- 20% Discount on all workshops.

- Non-exclusive representation.





-$55 monthly gallery dues.

-Only 35% commission on all sales.

-Only $150 fee for solo show gallery reservation

(includes promotion, electronic flier design, bartender and photo coverage of the event) 

-Optional $150 video production fee.

-Optional $120 magazine inclusion fee for help with production and printing

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