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Drawing & Painting

Every Thursday, from 6 to 9pm

“If there is a country without art, that’s not a country to live in. If there is a country without science, you are living in cave. We measure the success of a civilization by how well they treat their creative people.”

Drawing & Painting


Instructor:          Eduardo E. Portillo

Date & time:      Every Thursday, from 6 to 9pm

Cost:                   $35 (includes all materials but you're welcome

                             to bring your favorite tools)





As part of our Art Classes and Mentorship Program, these ongoing classes are designed to help mentees to get closer to their process in art, develop conceptual ideas in the field and emphasize ways to see further ahead as an artist.


Classes are mixed between Drawing and Painting to help reinforce the strengths of each student, in addition conceptual and history of art is integrated into the program along with visiting artists and dialogues. There is emphasis on a one to one learning atmosphere, Mentor Eduardo Portillo will help develop the student’s strengths and individual qualities in order to help them succeed by offering a wide variety of tools and connection to the art community.





-Drawing & Painting (Acrylics)

-Artist’s talks

-Process in Art

-Gallery Visits

-The Museum Concept

-The White Cube

-Conceptual Sculpture

Eduardo Portillo has a significant amount of experience as an artists and organizer. He works with some of the most important private galleries in the city including Anya Tish and Barbara Davis Gallery. His work has been published in magazines like New American Painting and Art LTD. He just started showing outside of Texas and outside the U.S. Upcoming shows include Privateview Gallery in Turin Italy and Rule Gallery in Denver, all this and a recent nomination for an Art Residency in Hilmsen, Germany.

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