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"Explore Eritrean Cultural Art"

Solo show featuring East African artworks by Teki Russom



Saturday 29th of February from 6-10pm.

Where: JoMar Visions Studios: 5249 Langfield Rd., Houston TX, 77040  

832 474 3116

What: Fine art exhibit.
Cost: Free

With the goal of transforming and spreading the Eritrean culture to the world through his artwork, Tekie Russom now gets the opportunity to do it at JOMAR VISIONS gallery based in Houston, Texas. At his first ever solo art show the artist will introduce the Eritrean culture, depicting paintings like the traditional coffee ceremony, the paintings of the Eritrean ethics and culture, the paintings of the History of Eritrea and the paintings of Legend’s Artist’s, among many others. Considering himself a positive person, Tekie Russom has unlimited creativities and concepts of beauty and his paintings reflect his zest for life and love. He is all about positivity and joy!

- Exquisite fine art by Teki Russom.
- Free & Open to the public
- Plenty of on site Parking
- Complimentary Hors d'Oeuvres

- Drinks served by  AR Bartending Service.



Tekie Russom was born and raised in Asmara Eritrea. After he graduated from high school he went to Sawa, the National service in Eritrea. It was in the 5th round and served his country for 9 years. Eritrea is located in East Africa close to Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen. He grew up looking after his brother’s paintings. Tekie's brother was an artist in the 70’s, but he was killed in 1976 by the Ethiopian military dictatorship called the Red terror (or Qey shibir ).


Tekie believed one day he would become an artist like his brother. In 2008 he got a diploma from the Institution of Fine Arts in Ethiopia. He settled in the US in 2010 and became a U.S citizen in 2016. Over the years he worked as a part time artist and participated in numerous art events and exhibitions in east Africa and in the U.S, particularly in Atlanta and in Houston.


Tekie moved to Houston in 2013 and he considered Houston his home town. He finds Houston inspirational for his art through every day things like the vibration of music, the expressions of feelings and considers art a natural reflection of life. Russom is a spontaneous realism, stroke art and mix media artist specializing in Acrylic and Resin .

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