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Gretchen McDaniel

Born in Houston, and raised along the Texas Gulf Coast (Houston to Port Lavaca to Rosenberg to Corpus Christi and back to Houston), the artist grew up in a Christian-like cult.  Breaking free of that when she was 18, she has explored the concept of “truth” ever since. 


McDaniel grew up in a family of artists, but didn’t embrace that identity for herself until much later in life. She was introduced to quilting when she married into a family that holds many quilters.


"My new mother-in-law wanted to teach me how to quilt, so……..of course I agreed, and before I realized it, I fell in love with the art. I’m strongly attracted to the tactile feel and colors of fabric and threads. I now quilt AND work with fabrics and fibers in other artworks."


"Art can be pretty, it can match the couch.  And it can stop you in your tracks, it can make you feel, make you think.  It can do all that, all at the same time.  I strive for truth, mercy, justice, and most of all, love in my life.  I have found a strong voice to reflect that in my art.  My hope is that you see the same."

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