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Latin Grill Dinner with Karaoke!

An arts, food and karaoke event.



Saturday 4th March from 7pm-midnight


Where: JoMar Visions Studios: 5247 Langfield Rd., Houston TX, 77040 - 832 474 3116

What: An arts event, latin grill dinner and Karaoke entertainment.
Cost:  $28 if online, $35 at the door (includes dinner, free drinks and Karaoke)

This event was cancelled! Keep an eye out for the next one!

Reserve your dinner now!

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Our grill dinners have been so successful, we are doing it once again. We will be serving a delicious Latin Grill dinner followed by Karaoke. Ausomm Kustumz will be sponsoring, creating and serving this delicious meal. Space is limited so don't delay in making your reservation for a deliciuous dinner and Karaoke fun. 


All open bar drinks are included in the price!



- Latin grill dinner served from 7pm-midnight

- Free Drinks

- Karaoke
- Best Local Fine Art 
- Plenty of on site Parking
- Drinks served by AR Bartending Service.

- Sponsored and served by Ausomm Kustumz.

Our Delicious Menu:



- Beef skirt asado

- Grilled saugage

- Grilled chicken legs

- Spanish rice

- Charro Beans
- Potato salad

- Cucumber pickles

- Mixed greens salad

- Bread rolls



- Fruit salad

Please make reservation with the PayPal button online if you can. It is cheaper for you and will allow us to predict how many dinners we will be serving.


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