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Miksang Contemplative Photography  Level 1                

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Instructor:          Denise Bossarte

Date & time:      2 day workshop

                             weekend of 5th & 6th of March 2016

                             Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 9am-3pm

Cost:                    $195 


Workshop goals – The Miksang Contemplative Photography workshop is open to novice and experienced photographers. It is a workshop for professional artists, amateur artists, artists at heart, or the curious wanting to explore the visual richness of their world.

In Miksang, we are working to “re-image” the way that you think, talk about, and practice photography.


In this workshop you will learn and experience:

-The five elements to become a better photographer

-Creativity and inspiration

-Expanding your awareness

-Looking at your world in a new way-Being mindful of the present moment without judging, reflecting, or thinking

-Discovering and capturing the ordinary magic of the world


Students will need a digital camera for the workshop. A laptop computer for downloading photos is optional.



  • Includes introduction to the topic with instructions, time for taking photographs as a group, and image reviews by the teacher in the group setting

  • Includes take home assignments to be brought in for review the next session

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