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JoMar Visions Art Excellence 2018 Juried Open Competition




We want to congratulate the selected artists from our JoMar Visions Art Excellence Juried Competition 2018. 29 artists submitted 103 artworks for consideration, and 37 artworks were chosen for inclusion into the exhibit, which will take place Sunday 9th December 3-7pm, at JoMar Visions Studios, in conjunction with our in-resident artists' open studios. 

We invite all of you to join us and the artists. The award ceremony will be at 6.30pm. The top 5 awarded artists will only be revealed then.

It is also open studios day at JoMar Visions Studios so you’ll be able to explore the art studios and meet the artists in-residence as they open the door for you to enjoy the beautiful artistry and gems they have for sale.


When: Sun. Dec. 9th 3pm-7pm
Where: JoMar Visions Studios: 5249 Langfield Rd., Houston Tx- 77040
Why: Because you won’t find art as exquisite nor artists as nice!


- Best Local Art 
- Free & Open to the public
- On-site parking
- Complimentary Hors d'Oeuvres
- Drinks served by AR Bartending Service.

JoMar Visions  ART EXCELLENCE Juried Com


Annie McAulay • Chasity Redeo • Ciro Flores • Daniela Pasqualini

Devayani Vaishnav • Erin Mitchell • Felipe Esparza • Katrina Tan

Leticia Garcia • Lola Stardust • Marc Eisenberg

Marie Casamayor-HarveyMarilyn Lowry • Michele Collins

Mrunali Pendharkar • Olga Saldivar • Orlando Guillen

Percy Cabot • Quincy Cooper • Rashid Lane • Reese Lynch

Reshad Karim • Rodney Butler

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