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Loveleen Saxena

Loveleen Saxena is a self taught artist born in New Delhi, India. She was always quiet girl and found ways to express herself through pictures and drawings, what she could not express in words. Her love for art began when she was ten years old and started capturing everything around her in pencil drawings. She studied architecture and used her creativity to flow through her designs. The reality called life happened when she grew up. The touch of creative expression got lost in this reality but not for long. Art made it back into her life after she met her life partner Surendar in 2012. With him her journey became more adventurous, as her connection to her own self and this universe strengthened and she found in her soul that fire which she always longed for. 

"My heart sings with joy and my soul dances playfully when I am creating art. I feel free, I feel calm, I am at peace when I create. Nothing else matters. Nothing exists beyond the tiny space I occupy when I create. I feel connected to everything, yet free from all the things that confine me. I feel love. I feel pure. I feel awake. My mind becomes quiet and all I hear are the soft whispers in my heart that guide me. As I surrender to the process of creating, I become open to receiving what the universe wants to manifest through me. The blank page of my journal becomes full of possibilities, yet I am completely unaware of what is going to become of that page. My pen follows guidance of my soul as I let go of the control and that urge to know. There is no right or wrong, there is no stress and worry about what it is going to look like and there is no hurry about finishing. The bliss is in the moment, in that one stroke at that particular moment."

Examples of previously sold work:

"For past three years I have been expressing that passion, that love and joy I feel thru my artwork. My medium of expression these days is pen and ink and acrylic. My acrylic work is abstract, playing with colors, forms and enjoying the process. What you see in my pen and ink drawings is that part of me which even I didn't know existed. There is hope, love and truth in these drawings that I forgot was a part of my true Self. My compassion for mother earth inspired me to start up cycling everyday items and transform them into unique pieces of art. My playful inner child started creating dogA doodles, which are inspired by my brother's Boston terrier Doga.


During my seven month backpacking journey across the world with my husband, I decided to share my love for art with the world. I can say this quiet girl has now grown into a powerful feminine who wants to be a catalyst of change and use her art to spread love in this world. Since June 2015 I have participated in a number of art markets such as Heights Epicurean Market. I was one of the artists selected by RAW Houston to showcase my art. I was one of the featured artists in the Grand Opening of Jomar Visions Gallery and Art in the Making event at the same gallery . I love to blog about my work, my travel adventures and my love for life. My dream is to bring in more harmony into this world and I plan on doing it thru my art. I am just beginning my journey as an artist and even though it is a mystery where this path will take me, I feel happy. After all, no matter where the road takes you, it is the journey that matters!"



Available Art:

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