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Tamar Tcholakian

Tamar Tcholakian is a multimedia artist and art educator who received her BFA at Pratt Institute in New York in 2009. Her work has been exhibited at Jomar Visions, Live Oaks Art Center, Columbus, TX; where she won third place in a juried show judged by international artist Margo Sawyer. Other Exhibitions consist of AIGA Design Craft Fair, MFAH Glassell Exhibition, Houston Press ARTOPIA at Winter Street Studios, East Hall Gallery in Brooklyn, Pratt's President's Office, and Pratt's Fine Art Department's Office. Her teaching experience consists of MFAH Glassell Junior School, Studio on the Boulevard in the Heights, Houston ISD and CyFair ISD. 


"My paintings demonstrate figural reconfigurations illustrated through the use of form and color. The work is non-objective and uses the human form as the element of design rather than using the human form as a narrative. 

Examples of previously sold work:

My application is impulsive, allowing abstraction to be a mental process and the product takes on a fast-moving energy that is perpetuating. My purpose is to keep the viewer‘s eyes constantly moving within the work. As a result, the viewer will discover a sense of participation, an invitation to find the distinctive abstracted forms. While the shapes convey their own sense of life within the environment of each painting."

Available Art:

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